Episode 10



May 18th, 2021

48 mins 52 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

This week we're reviewing WALL•E, Pixar's ninth movie. It is a movie about a janitor robot who just wants to find some love. He's cleaning up earth after the humans left on a giant spaceship, and he's been at it for the last 700 years or so. Then a ship lands and launches another robot, EVE, who has been sent to find signs of life, which she ends up doing. Well, WALL-E falls desparately in love with her, but she doesn't reciprocate, and the rest of the movie is him chasing her and doing what needs to be done. Hilarity ensues, many robot noises are made, and the humans find out what living is all about. While there aren't many speaking parts in this movie, there are great ideas that it portrays, and it is as visually stunning and enjoyable as any other movie I think I've ever watched.

Some of the ideas that this move puts forward are these:

  • Living is about more than just existing, you must experience things.
  • Just because something is difficult doesn't make it bad. In fact, most things that are truly rewarding are difficult.
  • The digital world is not as good as the real world. Don't get lost in your devices!
  • Life cannot be all about seeking pleasure, it must also be about others (and taking care of the environment).

After sharing this movie with my own children (after we recorded the episode though), I think it is quite appropriate for all ages, within reason and parental supervision of course, as its visual style makes it appealing and accessible for even the youngest viewers. Truly this might be Pixar's most timeless movie so far, and I think the story it tells and the ideas it imparts are as valuable as any other children's movie I've ever watched.

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