Episode 8



April 20th, 2021

38 mins 5 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

This week we're reviewing Cars, Pixar's seventh movie. This movie is another of their straightforward movies, and like a lot of the rest, this one does not disappoint, It has some great ideas that it presents clearly for all to see, even the youngest in the family. It tells the story of how a race car discovers that there's more to life than just winning.

Some of the ideas that this move puts forward are these:

  • There is more to life than just winning,
  • Without friends and family, life ends up being empty.
  • Don't judge others solely because they are different than you (a book can be more than just it's cover).

Overall we decided that this movie is an outstanding movie for kids. I mean c'mon...it's about cars!