Episode 11



June 8th, 2021

55 mins 18 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

This week we're reviewing Up, Pixar's tenth movie. It is a movie about a grumpy old man who wants to give one last gift to his wife but instead finds a grandson, a talking dog, and more adventure than he signed up for. While this movie is a love story, it's also a crazy adventure story, and somehow Pixar manages to blend those themes so seamlessly that it works really well, aside from sometimes feeling two separate movies, Even so, this move does have some really good ideas that it puts out there, and I think it would be a great one to share with children of any age, but especially the older ones who will be able to grapple with ideas like grief and regret a bit better than the youngest of viewers.

Some of the ideas that this move puts forward are these:

  • Things are just things. The adventure we are on is more important than the things we have gathered over a lifetime of adventures.
  • It is the boring things that we remember and long for with the people we love. Ordinary life.
  • Promises need to be honored. Keep your word.
  • It would be really cool if dogs could talk.

After watching this movie I think would be appropriate for most ages, though it still is a bit too much for my youngest. With that being said though, it really does seem to be geared to the older kids, and for them it would be a great one to share as it has so many jumping off points for great conversations. I realize I said that WALL•E might be the most timeless Pixar movie, but Up gives it a run for its money. If you haven't watched it yet, check it out.

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